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US Government Stockpiling Guns and Ammo

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 18, 2013

While the Obama Administration has been on a crusade against gun ownership by private citizens, it has been on a significant purchasing binge for branches of the government.  Initially, this dichotomy caught the attention only in the Blogosphere.  It has since obtained press in mainstream and respected publications.

On February 17 USAtoday.com published an article titled Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition that reported on the shortage of gun ammo in the United States.  It attributed the shortages to fear of Americans concerning the political climate that might restrict future access to firearms their ammunition, as well as fear of potential economic dislocations.  In addition, USA Today reported on significant gun purchases by the federal government that include:

Department of Homeland Security – The DHS put out a solicitation for 1.1 billion rounds of ammunition over the next five years.  According to DHS spokesman Marsha Catron, this ammunition is required for training 130,000 agents in various agencies.  That’s a lot of practice!

Social Security Administration – The Social Security Administration in 2012 put out a bid for 174,000 rounds of .357 ammunition.  The .357 round is one of the most powerful revolver rounds produced even though .357 revolvers can also shoot the smaller 38 special round.  When questioned about the purchase the Social Security Administration indicated the bullets are required to arm and train their 295 agents.

In addition, the DHS is acquiring 7,000 5.56x 45mm NATO rifles that they referred to as “personal defense weapons”.  These rifles look nearly identical to those the Obama Administration calls “assault rifles” when owed by civilians.  However, there is a major difference.  The weapons the DHS will buy are fully automatic, not the less lethal semiautomatic weapons that the Obama Administration is attempting to restrict for citizens.  In addition, the DHS is purchasing 30 round magazines, again an item the Obama Administration would restrict for private citizens.

Included below is an editorial published on the website of Investor’s Business Daily.  This editorial is not only of interest because of the message raised, but also because it is included in a well-respected mainstream publication.

The government’s gun buying spree raises important questions.  Why does the Department of Homeland Security require 7,000 weapons that are more lethal than those the Obama Administration would strict from private citizens?  Why are varying government agencies purchasing so many weapons if we live in a safe society?  What is the purpose of these purchases?  The American People have a right to have answers.


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