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The Branding Of Barack Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 17, 2013

julius-caesarPoliticians on both sides of the aisle are managed by handlers whose job is to create a positive narrative of the man (or woman) they work for.  The images these marketing folks create are often kept within realistic bounds by the mainstream media.  Unfortunately the press has not always handled these responsibilities professionally.

In the case of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the press hid just how crippled he was.  They explained this ruse by claiming it was irrelevant relating to his ability to run the Country.  This is a bogus claim.  The president works for the People and they have a right to know everything about the person asking to hold or holding the office.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also given a pass by the press.  Like Roosevelt, Kennedy had serious health issues, but he was portrayed by the media as healthy and even athletic.  More seriously, Kennedy had many extramarital affairs before and after being elected president.  Given Kennedy’s indiscriminate and numerous indiscretions, they were a risk to national security.  However, the fawning press who were also friendly to the Kennedys turned a blind eye, making the excuse that his private life was irrelevant to the presidency.  That fallacious logic was not their decision to make.  The People and have the right to know about the private lives of elected officials or those seeking public office.  It is the People’s right to decide whether such indiscretions bar them from the office.

Currently, Barack Obama is the beneficiary of a fawning press.  However, the mainstream media has taken their proclivity for this president beyond even the occurrences mentioned above.  It is rare that Obama has been asked a difficult question, either before or since the two elections.  Their reporting has been highly biased and rarely critical.  There is no better example of this bias than their treatment of Obama’s use drone strikes.  These assassinations not only have targeted American citizens, but have resulted in many innocents being killed.  Compare the press’s response to this issue to the way George W. Bush was treated when it became known that his administration used waterboarding on three suspected terrorists.

A free society is in danger when the press becomes a propaganda tool of the government.  Such is the case today.  It is evident that Barack Obama feels like he holds an Imperial office and the.  propaganda tools are becoming more outrageous.

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