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New York Times Pans Tesla Model S

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 11, 2013

tesla_model_sMoney.CNN.com reported that a New York Times auto review had some negative comments to make about the electric car Model S produced by Tesla.  The reviewer took the Model S on a drive down the East Coast and had difficulty finding charging stations.  He attempted to conserve power by turning off the car’s interior heat on this winter ride, but with little benefit.  The car’s battery went dead before expected requiring the auto had to be towed the next charging station that was 45 minutes away.

The Tesla Model S is another “Car the Year” failure for the electric car industry.  It joins the Chevy Volt in owning this dubious distinction.

The Model S and Chevy Volt are examples of the failures that occur when governments attempt to control markets.  It is possible that someday the technology will be available allowing electric cars to be successful in the market.  That is not the case today.  Instead, these boondoggles represent government wishes and not market realities.

It should not be surprising that the green industry so heavily promoted by Pres. Obama has been a failure on many fronts.  The President has never run a company nor does it seem he took the most basic economic courses.  Wishing for result is not a successful product or marketing strategy.


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