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US Lawmakers Attack the Movie “Zero Dark Thirty”

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 8, 2013

In another sign of governmental impingement on free speech, some members of the Senate have attacked the movie “Zero Dark Thirty”.  As reported by the Wall Street Journal, last month Senators Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.,), John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Carl Levin (D., Mich.), publically criticized the film that chronicled the tracking and assassination of Osama bin Laden.  They said of the film: it is “grossly inaccurate and misleading in its bin ladensuggestion that torture resulted in information [that made the bin Laden killing possible]”.  The Senators also demanded that the CIA supply them the names of who at the Agency communicated with the filmmakers and what information was supplied.

Co-producer Mark Boal has criticized the Senators’ attacks saying: “There is a difference between criticism and investigation.  And I think that crosses a line that hasn’t been crossed, really, since the ’40s, when you talk about government investigating movies.”  More to the point, the level of governmental trampling on American rights is unmatched in modern times.

On the one hand it is humorous to see Hollywood and the Progressives going at it.  However, this demonstrates the slippery slope that Leftist politics and political correctness have taken us.  How dare Hollywood produce a movie insinuating that torture played a role in tracking bin Laden when the Left so often pronounced otherwise.

This Blogger did see Zero Dark Thirty and found it entertaining.  The fact that the government is attempting to quash the story makes it even fascinating.



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