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TSA Blows $100 Million on Dogs

Posted by Steve Markowitz on February 3, 2013

ABC News reported that the National Transportation Administration (TSA) has another boondoggle to add to its list of “accomplishments”.  In the past two years the TSA has spent over $100 million of taxpayer money on a program to train dogs for bomb sniffing at airports.  The program has failed with the General Accounting Office reporting: “As part of our review, we visited two airports at which [dog] teams have been deployed and observed training exercises in which … teams accurately detected explosives odor (i.e., positive response), failed to detect explosives odor (i.e., miss) and falsely detected explosives odor.”

When confronted by ABC on the failure, TSA in a written statement said: “To that end, the National Canine Program (NCP) will reestablish annual comprehensive assessments.  Beginning in March 2013, TSA plans to expand the canine website to improve functionality and reporting capabilities addressing a GAO recommendation.”  This is an example of the waste and arrogance that is government.  Not only did TSA waste $100 million, we required a separate government watchdog group to reveal the program’s failure.  But that will not stop the TSA from wasting even more on the program.

The failed canine program adds to a growing list of TSA waste of the People’s money.  A larger example was the expenditure of $2 billion on the full-body scanners in recent years.  These machines are already being removed from service and replaced by other machines.

Government waste is not new nor is it limited to the United States.  It is, however, become more grotesque in the United States in recent years as the government continues grab increasing powers.  In addition, the ability to run nearly unlimited deficits; i.e. print money, has allowed individual wastes to become astronomically large.

President Obama has often repeated the statement that wealthier Americans need to pay their fair share.  Absent from his rhetoric is any discussion about government cutting its waste.  Any attempt to cut government spending is demonized as inhumane the President and his progressive allies.  Why not, it is not their money being wasted.  In addition, their power derives from their ability to dole out money to their constituents and special interest groups.


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