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245 Dead in Brazilian Nightclub Fire: What Will Progressives Ban in Reaction?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 27, 2013

The Wall Street Journal reported that 245 people were killed yesterday in a Brazilian nightclub fire that also injured 48 in Santa Maria, Brazil.  The Kiss nightclub fire occurred at 2 AM local time, with about 1,000 patrons at the facility.  Initial reports indicate that faulty sound and lighting equipment started the blaze.

This sad tragedy affects many Brazilian families.  Sadly, it is not the first occurrence of similar nightclub tragedies.  In February 2003 a fire at a Rhode Island, USA nightclub resulted in the deaths of 100 young innocents.  Between these two tragedies alone approximately 350 have been killed.  Given the carnage will Progressives respond with similar actions as they did to the Sandy Hook, Connecticut school tragedy?  Will they use it to take even more freedoms from the People?  Just imagine, using similar logic for the nightclub deaths some may call for a ban of rock music, alcohol, and/or sound and lighting equipment.  Sound ludicrous?  Once a country travels down the slippery slope of government impinging on individual rights the end is difficult to foresee.


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