“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

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Newsweek Compares Obama to Christ

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 20, 2013

The mainstream media has had a Leftist bent throughout modern history.  Over most of this time period they kept their bias in the closet.  While admitting Progressive views, they created the false façade that it did not interfere with reporting.  In recent years the media has given up on all pretense of unbiased reporting.

Barack Obama became the darling of the Leftist media even before his first election.  In Obama they found a fellow Progressive educated and raised amongst the same radicals revered in journalistic schools.  The media ignored Obama’s character flaws including his 20-year attendance in a racist church and that he had the weakest resume of any candidate to run for the presidency.

On Friday, one of the stodgy old names of the mainstream media, Newsweek, removed the last vestige of impartiality of the press.  Now an online magazine, it included the heading “The Second Coming” along with a photograph of Barack Obama looking much like Caesar in announcing Obama’s second term.  While the Left would rid America of established religions, it would replace them with a new one of Progressivism.

Modern history offers examples of leaders who either placed themselves or were placed in a higher stature than their countrymen’s.  Such leader worshiping generally does not end up well. What the Newsweek cover stands for should be of concern to all Americans.

Obama the King


4 Responses to “Newsweek Compares Obama to Christ”

  1. Everett Gamble said

    I guess they forgot that Adolf Hitler was also revered as the savior when he took office in Germany and that he was also worshiped by MANY.

    I am old enough to remember a lot of what he did and also my stepmother escaped Germany in 1939 and has had a lot of stories to tell about how he was truly worshiped.

    But that was before they found out what he intended to do and the fact that he as Obama has let it be known that people will not believe a little lie because they can disprove little lies so they MUST use the biggest lie they can figure out so that it can’t disprove it.

    If you FOLLOW what Obama is doing you will see that he is doing exactly what Adolf Hitler did and that he started EXACTLY like Hitler did and that is by dividing the nation by race and wealth.


    Then he as Hitler is making sure that the citizens are dependent on HIM and big government which was and is the plan to make everyone who is on the dole appreciate his help.

    YES I could go from here but you have an assignment and that is to check and see exactly how Obama is leading us in the exact same direction as Hitler lead Germany


    • smarko1 said

      Thanks for your insightful comments. I’m afraid that modern America has lost the ability to study or learn from history. Unfortunately, this problem has been repeated in past generations.


  2. Suzanne Adler said

    YOUR ARE EXACTLY CORRECT! I can only HOPE that EVERYONE who reads your post will DO THEIR HOMEWORK for themselves and OPEN THEIR EYES to what Obama has in store for the United States of America and OUR Constitution.

  3. smarko1 said

    Thanks Suzanne for your kind comment. If this bBog can help one person open their eyes, then the work has been worthwhile.


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