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Handgun Homicide Numbers Challenge “Assault Rifle” Assault

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 17, 2013

As this Blog posted previously, only a small percentage of the murders in the United States are the result of bullets from assault rifles.  This reality brings in the question the Obama Administration’s near singular focus on assault rifles.

Money.cnn.com today published numbers in a format that is striking.  As indicated in the presentation below, most murders in this Country occur with handguns, especially in states which incurred the greatest number of murders last year.  In some of these states the figure is staggering with 97% of last year’s Illinois murders being via handguns.

Given that handguns are the “tools” of choice for murderers, why then the current focus on the assault rifle?  In his speech yesterday, President Obama attempted to preempt this logical question stating that if even one life could be saved, his steps for controlling these weapons are demanded.  Clearly that cannot be the standard for it would demand that all sorts of risky American activities be limited including the use of cell phones in cars.  In addition, if the President truly believed in this unenforceable standard, then he should have also called for limiting violent video games and some of the medications that have been linked with violent behavior.  Clearly at least one additional life could be saved by these actions.

The tragedy at the Connecticut school was nothing short of horrendous.  Those who did not lose a loved one in that massacre of 26 can only begin to imagine their pain.  But Connecticut is not the only American state where violent murders has and continues to inflict pain.  In Illinois for example, last year over 350 people were murdered with handguns.  Where was/is the outrage from the Left for those victims?

Focusing on the approximately 350 Illinois victims, it is not by accident they were murdered with handguns and not assault rifles.  Those with even the minimal knowledge of guns realize that the handguns ability to be concealed (and shoot rapidly) makes it in many cases much more lethal than assault rifles.

While the Left’s attack on the assault rifle is may be made out of ignorance, this is unlikely indicating a more nefarious motivation.  Progressives understand that should they place the handgun on the top of their agenda, it would show to America their true intent which is to disarm Americans.  Instead they use the fear and the assault rifle attack as a Trojan Horse to achieve their ultimate goal.  This Trojan Horse tactic has been repeated by the Left many times in recent decades with success in implementing their progressive political goals.Handguns-Other


2 Responses to “Handgun Homicide Numbers Challenge “Assault Rifle” Assault”

  1. Jim Mahoney said

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the left’s targeting of assault rifles is made out of ignorance. On the contrary, it is one move in their chess game to ban all weapons. Here’s how it will play out. Say they succeed in banning “assault” rifles. The next mass shooting (and one will happen) will involve someone using one or multiple handguns. The president will then come to the podium and say, “We had the right idea with the assault rifles but we just didn’t go far enough in order to prevent gun violence. We have to take the next step and ban semi automatic handguns”. The gutless Republicans will fall right into line as they convince us they are only taking “sensible steps” and not gutting the Second Amendment. We are entering a very dangerous period in the history of this country. I don’t know what it will look like after another 4 years of this.

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