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Gun-Control Advocates Seek Personal Protection with Guns

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 13, 2013

Infowars.com posted an article that demonstrates the hypocrisy of some of the most vocal advocates of gun control.

In the mid-1990s a ten-year limit was placed on Secret Service protection for former presidents.  Earlier this month President Obama signed a bill extending this protection for life, as well as up to the age of 16 for the children.  And yes, Secret Service agents carry guns.  In addition, the President’s daughters attend a school that is reported to have 11 armed security guards.

Other vocal opponents of American’s right to own guns have also sought personal protection via guns.  Examples include:

Dianne Feinstein – This Democratic Senator from California who is leading the charge against guns has admitted to carrying a concealed weapon for personal protection.

Michael Bloomberg – The current mayor of New York City travels with armed bodyguards.

Michael Moore – This radical Leftist is also known to have armed bodyguard protection.

It is telling that some of the most visible proponents of gun control turn to guns for their own protection.  Should they truly believe that limiting gun availability would lead to less crime, they should start by giving up on the protection they demand from guns.


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