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Piers Morgan Spanked During Gun Control Argument

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 12, 2013

Gun control became a heated topic after the massacre one month ago at the Connecticut school.  The Left is on the offensive, once again using a crisis to further their Progressive agenda.  Progressive-in-Chief Barack Obama is leading the charge appointing VP Joe Biden to head a commission charged with coming up with recommendations relating to gun violence.  This will lead to recommendations towards gun control of some type, which is nothing more than a Trojan Horse attempt to significantly limit Americans’ ability to own guns.

The current argument for those seeking gun controls begins with limiting ownership of so-called “assault rifles”.  The Left propagates the theory that a limitation on these guns will lead to less mass murderer type attacks.  Those in the Right point to the Constitution, which gives Americans to right to own guns.  In addition, the Right responds with the efficacy argument supported by the fact that assault rifles kill only a small percentage of Americans killed with guns.

One vocal and very visible opponent of America’s gun ownership is CNN’s Piers Morgan.  Morgan’s attacks on guns have been relentless.  To his credit, however, he has invited credible opponents to his position on his show with one recently being Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large for Breitbart.  The exchange got heated with Shapiro accusing Morgan of being a bully on the issue and “standing on the graves of the children” who died at the Connecticut massacre.  In return, Morgan offered the often heard attack/question from the Left as to what any American might need an assault weapon for.  To this, Shapiro responded elegantly stating that the Constitution gave Americans the right to own guns for one purpose only; to protect them from the tyranny of government.

A link is provided below of the discussion/argument on American gun ownership between Morgan and Shapiro.  In less than 15 minutes it offers both sides’ positions clearly and should be enough for any American to take a position on this important issue.



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