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Federal Government Purchasing Large Quantities of Ammunition

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 11, 2013

Within the next few days the committee headed by VP Joe Biden will come out with recommendations in response to the massacre at the Connecticut school last month.  The VP has made no secret that the committee will recommend gun-control measures.

President Obama’s tactic of blaming the instruments of violence rather than the perpetrators is troubling on many fronts, as discussed on this Blog previously.  The likely outcome will at least include restrictions on so-called “assault rifles”.  Even if the government were to remove all of these weapons from society, at best it would put only a small dent in America’ s violent crimes.

two_bulletsAlso troubling are reports that while the Obama Administration is focused on gun-control, the federal government is buying up huge amounts of ammunition.  As reported by americanfreepress.net, not only is the government stocking up on ammunition, but it is purchasing the most lethal types.  According to the report the US government has stocked over billion rounds of highly lethal ammunition during the past three years including:

Department of Homeland Security – In 2009, this group purchased 200 million rounds including hollow-point bullets and double ought shotgun shells.  450 million rounds were added in 2012, with yet another solicitation for hundreds of million more still open

Social Security Administration – This government agency purchased nearly 175,000 rounds of .357 hollow-point bullets.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – This group purchased over 45,000 rounds of .40 caliber hollow-point bullets.

Federal Bureau of Investigation – The FBI awarded contracts for 400 million rounds in 2011.

Department of Agriculture – The D of A has issued bids for over 320,000 rounds of ammunition.

The above purchases are troubling on various fronts.  Why does the government need to purchase so much ammunition?  Why is the government purchasing the most lethal types of ammunition that are outlawed by the Geneva Convention for use in wars?  There seems to be only two plausible answers.  Either the bureaucrats are becoming paranoid and are wasting the people’s money, or there is a more nefarious explanation.


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