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California School Shooting; No Assault Rifle no Coverage

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 11, 2013

Kern County, California was the site of yet another school shooting yesterday.  This occurrence involved a 16-year-old student with a beef against some fellow students.  The perpetrator went to the school with a 12 gauge shotgun and critically wounded one student before being talked into surrendering up by a teacher.  Given the classroom had 20 students and the shooter brought 20 shotgun shells, it was fortunate that more carnage did not occur.

The publicity given yesterday’s California incident has been miniscule compared to that which followed last month’s Connecticut shooting.  Only part of this discrepancy is reasonably explained by the difference in the carnage.  Another factor was the weapons used.  In Connecticut the shooter used in assault rifle, the current target of gun controllers.  In the California incident, a shotgun was used, a weapon that can be just as deadly as an assault rifle, but not currently on the gun controller’s hit list.  In fact, those that advocate gun control are purposely staying clear of raising the issue of shotguns since this would expose their greater plan, disarming American citizens.

Yesterday’s shooting in California helps demonstrate that attempts to ban anyone tool of violence is unproductive.  Ban the assault rifle and those intent on killing will use other types of rifles or pistols to kill.  Ban all guns and these killers will find other weapons.  While some such as knives are more difficult to inflict mass violence, others such as bombs and suicide vests are even more dangerous.


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