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The High Cost of the American Monarchs

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 7, 2013

The Founders of this Country understood the tyranny of European monarchies.  Those royals mistreated the citizens for their religious beliefs, as well as their birthrights.  Our founders attempted to correct this inequity States by creating a citizen’s government in the United accountable to the People.  That government has since become dominated by a professional elitist class that pillages from taxpayers with as much abandon as the European royal families of earlier centuries.

Obama VacationsWith the advent of the virtually unlimited monetary printing press, governmental elitists have used corruptive practices that include taking assets from some Americans and giving them to others to maintain their positions of power and privilege.  While President Obama has harped on the need for wealthier Americans to pay their “fair share”, he is been silent on the percentage of taxpayer funds being absorbed by the governmental elitists.  This includes the office of the presidency.

While a bit dated, last fall the dailycaller.com published an article about the exorbitant taxpayer spending on the First Family that is very relevant today given the Country’s deficit crisis.  The Obama’s have not been shy about spending the People’s money with the dailycaller.com reporting the following expenditures during 2011:

  • The Obama family has the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever.” This includes a 50% increase in the numbers of czars, with 469 senior staffers with over 200 paid over $100,000.
  • Each presidential vacation at Camp David involves over $25,000 in travel costs with total taxpayer costs equaling nearly $300,000 per night.
  • The president has a full-time movie projectionist and theater in the White House.
  • Michelle Obama spent 42 days on vacation during 2011.  Not bad for a public servant’s wife.
  • The President had his dog, Bo and personal handler join them on a vacation in Maine with the handler reportedly being paid over hundred thousand dollars per year.

The dailycaller.com reported that total spending on the First Family during 2011 was $1.4 billion.  This compares to a mere $58 million that British taxpayers spent on the Royal Family.  The nouveau American royalty has done quite well since the Revolutionary War.


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