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Senator Feinstein Makes Sexist Comment During Swearing-in Interview

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 5, 2013

On January 3, twenty females were sworn in as United States senators.  That day the 20 get together for a joint interview with reporter Diane Sawyer.  Their comments go a long way to demonstrating how fractured our society has become.

male-and-female-signsOne of the interesting comments made was by long-term Senator, Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from California, who responded to a Sawyer question saying: “We’re less on testosterone.  We don’t have that need to always be confrontational.  And I think we’re problem solvers, and I think that’s what this country needs.”  There was general agreement with this statement by Feinstein’s 19 colleagues with Republican Lisa Murkowski saying: “Maybe it is the testosterone that you speak to, Dianne, or the ego that is attached there.

Females are not the only politicians with testosterone concerns.  Last year President Obama in a speech said: “Fewer than 20 percent of the seats in Congress are occupied by women.  Is it possible that Congress would get more done if there were more women in congress?  I think it’s fair to say:  That is almost guaranteed.”

This testosterone-troubled Blogger finds it hard to disagree with the concerns expressed.  Testosterone does the damnedest things to many of us.  It is about time society opens up to this important subject.  Maybe, us guys will get some special dispensation for our inability to control this most dangerous of substance.  At the same time with political correctness broken, we will have the opportunity to again start discussing that other nasty substance, estrogen.  What effect does this substance have on female decision-making?  We await Feinstein’s answer.

There certainly is a gender gap in Washington with only 20 percent of the US Senators being female, even though over 50% of voters are women.  Possibly we will find that estrogen gets in the way of fair voting.


One Response to “Senator Feinstein Makes Sexist Comment During Swearing-in Interview”

  1. lee stadele said


    I have the answer for these testosterone/estrogen headaches…..ooops…..estrogen is headache related…..we need legislation to control these dangerous chemicals.


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