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Al Jazeera Buys All Gore’s Current TV

Posted by Steve Markowitz on January 3, 2013

aljazeera-channelAl Gore is a darling of the Progressive Left, mainly because of his promotion of junk science behind man-made global warming claims.  One of the inconvenient truths that the Left ignores about Gore is it is also a wealthy capitalist who owns carbon belching mansions.

Today it was announced that one of Gore’s ventures, Current TV, has been sold to Al Jazeera, a well-known Arab broadcaster.  Current TV was initially cofounded by Gore and set up as a Leftist mouthpiece for the “news”.  While considered a failure by the number of viewers it attracted, it is reported that Gore could net over $100 million from the deal.

One of the hypocrisies of the Left’s attack on wealthier Americans is that the movement itself is run by wealthy capitalists including Al Gore, Michael Moore and George Soros.  This is an indication that the attack is not so much on wealth as it is on those who would dare question the power of big government or Progressives.


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