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Obama Nominates Kerry for Secretary of State

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 28, 2012

Assad-John-Kerry-April-2010Last week President Obama nominated Senator John Kerry, Democrat from Massachusetts, to replace retiring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Kerry has reasonable credentials for the position including being a Vietnam War veteran, serving as senator, and being a former Democratic presidential candidate.  At the same time, Kerry comes with baggage that makes his nomination troubling.

While Senator Kerry served in the military during the Vietnam War, upon his return United States he disparaged America’s participation in the war, even discarding his medals.

More troubling, Kerry made a close relationship with current Syrian dictator Bashir Assad that included five personal meetings between 2009 and 2011.  Kerry claimed Assad was a man of peace and change, even referring to the dictator as “my dear friend”.  At the very least Kerry was mistaken or naïve concerning the brutal Assad who has since murdered some 40,000 Syrians.

Presidents have the right to appoint their own cabinet members within broad bounds.  John Kerry fits within these boundaries.  While Kerry should be confirmed, his nomination is another indication of how tone-death Obama is relating to a substantial portion of the electorate, including this Blogger, who see his appointments and his associations with radical Leftists as problematic.

A true centrist president would not have considered the ill-equipped mouthpiece Susan Rice for the important position of Secretary of State.  A president that wants to represent both blue and red states would not nominate a lightning rod such as John Kerry for that position.  Obama is no centrist.  Neither does he have any interest in representing those Americans even slightly right of center politically.


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