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Two Firefighters Murdered in Upstate New York

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 27, 2012

The Country is once again in mourning for murdered innocents.  Two upstate New York state firefighters were ambushed on Monday.  It is reported that the 62-year-old gunman, William Spengler, set a fire and then waited in ambush for firefighters to respond, killing two and wounding two others before taking his own life.

Those who believe gun control is the answer to the Country’s increasing violence are at it again, using this tragic event to promote their cause.  This myopic view once again is an attempt to mask the much deeper societal issues.

The killing of the firefighters has not gained the attention of the mainstream media as did the killings in the Connecticut school.  This is not by accident since some of the facts behind the New York murders jeopardize the narrative created by the Left for their gun control agenda.

The firefighters’ killer was convicted three decades ago of killing his grandmother.  He was recently released from prison on supervised parole for that murder.  Who made the decision to release this killer from prison?  Why was he released?  These crucial questions are but inconveniences for the Left’s myopic focus on gun control.

In addition, as a convicted felon, Spengler was precluded by law from possessing firearms.  It takes an especially naïve person to believe that adding more laws would have precluded the killer from obtaining weapons.

President Obama has appointed VP Joe Biden to chair a commission charged with supplying “concrete proposals” for dealing with the growing violence.  Even before the commission was appointed it became apparent that the President’s goal is gun control.  Unless this commission deals with the much broader issues that cultivate a violent culture in our society including the entertainment industry, video games, broken families, and yes releasing convicted killers on our streets, its results will be irrelevant towards the growing violence in the United States.


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