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Obama Appoints Task Force Concerning Gun Violence

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 20, 2012

Once again President Obama used a tactic he has previously used during his political career.  First, he punted on the broader issue of growing violence in American society by appointing VP Joe Biden to head a task force on the subject.  Previously Obama used a similar approach on other serious issues such as America’s ballooning debt and deficits.  Once the bipartisan commission that he appointed published its findings, Obama ignored its recommendations and thus we currently have the stalemate over the so-called “Fiscal Cliff”.

While Obama promised a holistic approach to the issue of violence in America, his appointment of Joe Biden to head the task force is an indication that the President goal is stronger gun control legislation, an issue he was unwilling to take on until it became more politically expedient, a result of the Connecticut massacre.  Biden has been a strong advocate against private citizens’ gun ownership.

President Obama has asked the task force to make recommendations on what he calls “real reforms” on “concrete recommendations” before the end of January.  This rush for findings indicates the President has predetermined goals.  Compare this push to the over three months it took the Administration to complete a study on the much simpler issue of the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed four Americans including our Libyan ambassador.  In this case, Obama refused to even discuss the issue until a full and complete study was completed.

The increasing violence among America’s youth is an issue that deserves open and full discussion.  However, focusing on inanimate objects is being used for avoidance.  Guns have been a part of American culture for generations, especially in rural areas where hunting was prevalent.  In these areas young men have always had easy access to guns, but the carnage against fellow citizens did not occur.  Society must understand the reasons behind the increased violence if it hopes to avoid tragedies like that which occurred in Connecticut in the future.

Progressives realize that guns have been a part of American culture for long before the mass shootings in schools, theaters, and yes at a military base.  That understanding creates a conundrum as it does not allow them to logically blame guns in general for the violence.  Instead, they now focus on a certain type of gun, assault rifles that are not responsible for most of the gun violence in this Country.

In addition, blaming the violence on assault rifles allows Progressives to ignore other potential and probable causes for the violence.  These other issues tread dangerously close to their political power bases and political correctness.  As examples, it is likely that the violent underpinnings of much of modern culture including its music, movies, and video games play a role in stoking the violent behavior.  In addition, government privacy laws and its protection mentally impaired people have likely played a role.  Finally, there is the breakdown of the family that must affect children’s development.  However, the Leftist press and their political allies remain silent on these potential issues.

While the press is focused on the guns that Adam Lanza used to inflict the carnage, it has spent little attention on the killer himself or his upbringing.  What has been reported shows that Lanza was clearly known to be mentally deranged before he went on the killing spree.  In addition, this mentally ill person was allowed access to guns by their owner, his own mother.  This makes Mrs. Lanza not only a bad mother, but also substantially responsible for the killings inflicted by her son.  However, in a culture dominated by political correctness, such conclusions are often swept under the rug of political correctness.

In commenting about the Connecticut tragedy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said: “If anyone could have reached out to that shooter and pulled away the assault magazine that he had … we would have done so.  So why wouldn’t we officially take that magazine out of the hands of a shooter?”  Well Ms. Pelosi, there was at least one person that could of “pulled away the assault magazine”: his mother.

President Obama also made an interesting comment today concerning parents stating: “I have more confidence in the parents, the mothers and fathers that I’ve been meeting over the last several days all across the country from all political persuasions, including a lot of gun owners, who say, you know what, this time we’ve got to do things differently.”  A more forthright statement concerning parents would have included the comment that one parent, Mrs. Lanza, fell down at her responsibility.

A more realistic conclusion on the Connecticut tragedy was made by Congressman Allen West of Florida who said gun control is “the easy way out.”  He further said: “We’ve got to deal with: Should that mother [Mrs. Lanza] have had weapons in her house if she had a mentally ill person living there?”

Over the years the government has made various items and substances illegal in an affect to affect societal behavior.  Most of these efforts have been dismal failures.  Prohibition created more violence and damage to society than the alcohol the government made illegal.  America’s war on drugs has been a complete failure that has loaded our prisons with individuals who do not belong there.  It has also made drugs so profitable that gangs not only rule much of the inner cities, but the country just south of our border.  This inability of government to successfully enforce unpopular restrictive laws indicates that attempting to limit violence by limiting gun sales will also fail.


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