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ABC’s Jake Tapper Takes Obama to Task on Gun Control

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 20, 2012

Yesterday President Obama became a gun control advocate, appointing VP Joe Biden to chair a task force that has been basically charged with tightening up on America’s gun regulations.  This concern for guns is a relatively new phenomenon for Obama who was in the White House for nearly four years before taking this anti-gun position.  Why the change of heart?  It is nothing more than political expediency, a trademark of many politicians, including Barack Obama, a result of the tragedy in Connecticut.

At a news conference yesterday, ABC’s Jake Tapper appropriately took the President to task on his changing position on gun control asking: “This is not the first issue, the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years.  Where have you been?”  (A video link is provided below.)

Instead of a substantive response to Tapper’s question, Obama bobbed and weaved and finally gave a defensive answer stating:

“Here’s where I’ve been Jake.  I’ve been president of the United States dealing with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, an auto industry on the verge of collapse, two wars.  I don’t think I’ve been on vacation.  I think all of us have to do some reflection on how we prioritize what we do here in Washington.”  Obama further danced saying: “A lot of things are involved in that, Jake , making sure they’ve got decent health care, making sure they’ve got good education, making sure that their parents have jobs, those are all relevant as well.  Those aren’t just sort of side issues.”

If the President had a change in position he should have admitted it.  However, this would also be an admission his previous position previously wrong.  One Obama consistency has been a refusal to accept any responsibility for errors or mistakes.  He is a Teflon president who is not held responsible for miscues by the American people or the Leftist press.




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