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Report Blames Benghazi Debacle on State Department

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 18, 2012

Today’s New York Times headline publicly explained what most Americans already knew.  US governmental incompetence played a part in the actions that led to the murder of four Americans in Benghazi on 9/11, 2012, including the US ambassador to Libya.  The article, Inquiry Into Libya Attack Is Sharply Critical of State Dept, reviewed the just-released findings of an independent commission led by career diplomat Thomas Pickering that faulted the US State Department for incompetence.  Specifically, the commission found that the US State Department ignored warnings of imminent threats to US diplomats in Libya, as well as their requests for increased security.  It also concluded that State Department offices did not properly coordinate security and that its leaders showed bad judgment.

The finding by the commission of poor coordination between the various State Department offices is especially troubling.  This is the same type of failure that the 9/11 Commission found relating to coordination between various law enforcement agencies.  It is unconscionable that similar coordination problems remain over 11 years later.

The State Department responded to the commission’s report with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informing Congress by letter that it has accepted all of the panel’s recommendations.  That will be little comfort for the families of the four Americans killed as a result of the incompetence.

During the campaign, President Obama repeatedly indicated that when the studies of the Benghazi attack were concluded, no matter where the facts led, those responsible will be held accountable.  It is now time for the President to act on this commitment.  While this includes appropriate retaliatory actions against those who perpetrated the attack, it also requires appropriate accountability of those in government who acted irresponsibly and incompetently.  That should start with the immediate firing of Secretary of State Clinton and other higher-ups in the State Department that the independent commission found to be responsible.

When there is a failing in the private sector at any level, government elitists, especially Progressives, are quick to look for blame and seek retribution.  However, when failings in occur in government, even those that lead to the killing of Americans, no one is truly held accountable. Remarkably, these same Progressives continually seek to turn more power and authority over to incompetent government and expect more positive results.


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