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Unimaginable Evil in Connecticut School Shootings

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 16, 2012

Adam1The Friday morning tragedy in Connecticut shocked a world already filled with violence and cruelty.  On that morning 20-year-old Adam Lanza reportedly killed 20 young children and six adults in a Connecticut elementary school where his mother worked and was also murdered.  It was reported that most of the children were shot multiple times.  The Country is now mourning, but will soon begin seeking answers as to “why”.

When cruelty reaches the level of the Connecticut massacre, motivation becomes rather irrelevant.  There can be little humanity in a person that would take the lives of so many innocents in cold blood.  Madness and/or pure evil are the only reasonable explanations, but that is of little comfort to the families that have been so devastated.

Adam2Information is beginning to filter out concerning the alleged killer, Adam Lanza.  From the reports, Lanza had significant mental issues for years.  According to the Associated Press, Lanza had trouble with fellow students and teachers.  In an interview the school district’s head of security through 2008 and an advisor to Lanza, Richard Novia, indicated that the suspected killer had disabilities including being withdrawn to the point that his mother was forced to come to the school on various occasions.  In addition, Novia said of Lanza: “If that boy would’ve burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically,” and of Lanza’s behavior was “more like an 8-year-old who refuses to give up his teddy bear.”  Ultimately, Lanza’s mother removed him from school for homeschooling because of the difficulties.

While Adam Lanza was clearly a very troubled person, he fell through the cracks by a society that has abdicated its responsibility to protect the individual and greater society from mentally ill and potentially dangerous people.  Lanza’s family members have expressed surprised at Adam’s violent behavior.  However, the signs were there.  However, Lanza’s aunt, Marsha Lanza of Crystal Lake Illinois, said of the Adam “If he needed help I know they would’ve gotten it.”  The facts seem to point otherwise.

The Country needs to have a real and open discussion on the growing violence has become integrated into our society.  When this occurs, some will myopically focus on the issue of gun control.  While this issue deserves to be part of the discussion, the simplistic approach based on this issue alone will not be productive.  Other significant issues play a role in the barbaric actions of troubled individuals including the breakdown of the family, violence in movies and television, glorification of violence in modern music culture, and violent video games that are worthy of Marine combat simulation.  Unfortunately, like so many other broad discussions that need to be had in this Country, this discussion will instead become politicized and fall victim to special interests on the Left and the Right.


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