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Congresswoman Johnson Tells Cavuto to Shut Up

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 14, 2012

Congresswoman Johnson Tells Cavuto to Shut Up

Too many so-called conservatives on the Right don’t walk the talk.  While claiming to be against big government spending, they supported Pres. George W. Bush’s huge deficit spending.  They also claim allegiance to the Constitution, but often attempt to intervene in social issues not authorized to the government under that Constitution.  Neil Cavuto, commentator for Fox News, is no such interloper, one that is willing to attack either party for fiscal irresponsibility.

During an interview this week with Congresswoman Bernice Johnson, Democrat from Texas, Cavuto exposed Ms. Johnson and her Leftist allies as disingenuous on the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.  The Left has created the false narrative that raising taxes on the top 2% of Americans will solve the Country’s significant fiscal problems.  While taxes on wealthier Americans will need to increase due to the deficits, this increase will do little to address the Country’s deficits that it been caused by excess spending, especially in the area of entitlements.

During the interview, Cavuto asked Congresswoman Johnson that assuming Republicans agreed to Left’s requested tax increases, where she would cut spending.  It is clear in the answer in the video below that she and her colleagues would not agree real spending cuts.  In fact, when pressed on this matter, the Congresswoman told Caputo to “shut up”.  It is evident that Cavuto hit the crux of the matter.

Congressman Rand Paul, libertarian Republican Sen. from Kentucky, suggested that Republicans should give into the presence demand for the tax increase on wealthier Americans.  Paul’s theory is that with Democrats winning the presidential election, they should be given a chance to govern.  Their economic policies will fail forcing the Country to have a reality check and go back to a more realistic fiscal path.  Taxes can then be lowered after the Country is ready for more sound policies.  Rand’s approach is a sound strategy worthy of consideration.


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