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Obama’s Job Councils Head Praises State Run Communism

Posted by Steve Markowitz on December 13, 2012

On Monday morning, GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt was being interviewed on CBS by Charlie Rose.  During a discussion included in the video below, Immelt said:

“Look, I think it’s good for China.  To a certain extent, Charlie, 11 to 12 percent is unsustainable.  You end up getting too much stimulus or a misallocation of resources.  They are much better off working on a more consumer-based economy, less dependent on exports, driving technology and innovation harder.  Really, the one thing that actually works, state run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works.”

How ludicrous a statement.  First Immelt criticizes China for the handling of its economy and then concludes: “… state run communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government work.”

The relationship Jeffrey Immelt has with Barack Obama is yet another indication of the corruption of Washington and the crony capitalism that has remained under this Administration.  Obama continually chides the wealthy for not paying their fair share.  At the same time he appoints Immelt, the head of one of America’s wealthiest corporations, GE, who by the way in in 2011 did not pay one penny in America income tax, as his jobs czar.



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