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UN Gives Palestinian State Status

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 29, 2012

The United Nations General Assembly today elevated the Palestinian territories to “nonmember observer state status”. This decision raises some interesting issues:

Palestinian Civil War – Ever since Hamas kick the Fatah movement out of Gaza there has been   a de facto Civil War between the two Palestinian groups with Hamas controlling Gaza and Fatah the West Bank.  Does the UN vote offer state status to both groups together or individually?  Who are they allowing to represent the Palestinians at the United Nations; Hamas or Fatah?

Lack of Support for the US – The vote at the United Nations was 138 in favor, 9 against, and 41 abstentions.  This is not only defeat for Israel, but one for the United States who strongly opposed the Palestinian move.  While this vote is not surprising given the anti-Israeli bias of the United Nations, it once again shows the failure of Pres. Obama’s outreach program since taking office to the greater world and Muslim countries more specifically.  It is clear that American support from other countries has not improved under the Obama Administration.

Hypocrisy of the Vote – There is significant hypocrisy in today’s vote.  In the Muslim world the Kurds seek self-determination and an independent country in parts of Iraq, Syria and most notably Turkey. Russia has gone to war against Chechnya to quell similar independent fervor.  Spain has faced the Basque Separatists and more recently a Caledonia independence movement.  All of these countries deny these minorities the same rights they demand for Palestinians.  How hypocritical.

The vote in favor of granting the Palestinian’s a higher standing was made on the 65th anniversary of the partitioning of Palestine that led to the creation of modern Israel.  This partition in 1947 divided the British administered Palestine into two states, one Arab that became a part of Jordan and one a Jewish, the modern Israel.  The Israelis accepted the decision with Arab governments rejecting it.  That led to the first Arab-Israeli war and two others since.  Only after rejecting Israel’s right to exist for nearly five decades did the Palestinian Authority offer some moderation to its course.  With a little revisionist history, the Palestinians became the victoms.


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