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Jamie Foxx Calls Barack Obama Lord and Savior

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 26, 2012

This past Sunday, actor Jamie Foxx hosted the Soul Train Music Awards.  In it the actor said: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama”, as shown in the video below.

Foxx’s comments about the President are not only radical, but potentially dangerous.  History demonstrates that when political leaders obtain deity status in the minds of people being led, bad things occur.  The fact that this comment comes from one of the “1 Percenters” raises the interesting question as to what Obama saved Foxx from.


2 Responses to “Jamie Foxx Calls Barack Obama Lord and Savior”

  1. themtnmant said

    Number ONE she is an IDIOT as are a few others but that aside I am old enough to remember that with in a few years after Hitler was elected that quite a few in Germany including my step mother who had moved to the US told people that Hitler was the Lord and Savior for Germany.
    She was of Jewish background and VERY soon after she was saying these part of her family were interned in concentration camps then became missing and that’s the VERY last she ever heard about them.
    That’s when she found out what Hitler really was and what he intended for Germany, which started as extermination of ALL people in Germany of her background.
    Then a war that killed over a MILLION Germans.
    That is exactly where we are headed with Obama at the helm of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    It is obvious that he wants to destroy the economy and that he is RACIST enough that he don’t feel that WHITES are equal and I feel that he may not try to exterminate the white race but do feel that he IS trying to eliminate the ones that have enough funds to invest and create jobs.
    This will leave it to where the only ones that can create jobs will be the Government can do that so that they can CONTROL everyone and make this a THIRD class country.
    I also feel that he IS in the process of making it so that there will NOT BE AN ELECTION in 2016.

    • Dennis Ensminger said

      If you live in a ‘blue’ state, voting for Bozo the Clown or Humpty-Dumpty would have returned the same results. Union workers and liberals dominate such states…so where to we go from here? We need a plan, and we need it before the whole stinking country goes bust…do you have any suggestions? I’m sure many of us subscribers are willing to listen. Does it require many of us getting down and ugly? How to we handle the Pied Piper and his Kool-aid drinking friends?

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