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“Hope and Change”, Four Years Later

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 23, 2012

During his first run for the White House, Barack, Obama won on the vague promise of Hope and Change.  Both goals played well on American’s desire for improvement with an unpopular war in Iraq and an economy that was in the midst of a financial crisis.

With Obama preparing for his second four years, it is instructive to review his first term.  Whether “hope” has been delivered likely depends of an interpreter’s circumstance.  On the economic front, hope it is a rare commodity with unemployment in the minority communities and with recent college graduates at well above 10%.  In addition, the household total wealth has dropped significantly during the past four years.  On the other hand, significant government money has been spent on crony capitalism, payments to states for continued payments to government employees and handouts such as extended unemployment benefits have been dished out liberally.  Those on the receiving end of these benefits likely will feel better with the Obama Presidency.

As for change, little is evident.  Obama entered office with a dysfunctional government in Washington, which remains so today.  Crony capitalism existed before the President was elected, but he has used it extensively since.  Backroom deals remain a Washington politician’s favorite tool and the promise of transparency never materialized.  Finally, the President uses the US military liberally, including continuing a war in Afghanistan that cannot succeed.

What will the next four years of the Obama Administration look like?  Given the President’s radical Leftist positions it is likely that Americans will become more dependent on the federal government and government will obtain more power over the People.  However, it is likely that the realities of economics with the Country’s significant debt will have at least some limiting effect on Obama’s power grab.

One Blog reader and past guest writer, James Mahoney, has a less optimistic view of the next four years.  That view is posted below.

The Next Four Years, by James Mahoney

“In this week s news conference he acted like a man who received a mandate.  This myopic approach will result in his second term becoming as disastrous as that of George W. Bush.”

Barack Obama’s second term will be disastrous for the United States, and will likely result in the end of our Country as we know it.  The difference is that anyone who only receives their news from the mainstream media will never hear a word about it.  During the Bush administration an increase in the unemployment rate from 4.6% to 4.7% was relentlessly cited by the media as “evidence” that we were in the midst of a recession.  Under Obama the stated unemployment rate of 8% (actual rate well over 11%) is totally ignored.

If Fast and Furious, the embassy murders and subsequent cover up in Benghazi, crony capital payments to bogus solar companies or any of the antics of Eric Holder had occurred under George Bush, the press would have had him run out of office.  We are in grave danger because instead of being a watchdog, the press are now willing accomplices in running interference for the Obama Administration and preemptively branding anyone who dares to raise legitimate questions as sexist, racist bigoted homophobes.  The press will pretend that Obama has a mandate and it will magically be so.

Of course, the only reason the press can get away with any of this is because we now have a near majority of the electorate who are so dumbed-down they accept the false narrative at face value.  They care about the latest installment of Dancing With the Stars and getting their free Obama phones, but they possess virtually no critical thinking skills.  In the past these uninformed voters usually stayed home on election day and didn’t do any real damage, but in 2008 Obama cultivated them as part of his core constituency.

So let’s review.  Obama will be free to do as he pleases for the next four years without fear of reprisals from the lapdog media, Congress, the courts or a largely clueless public.  He has already demonstrated lawless behavior by illegally using executive orders to accomplish what Congress would not give him the authority to do.  His federal agencies are cranking out an average of 59 new regulations per day.  He will have 2, and possibly 3, appointments of young activist judges to the Supreme Court who will rubber stamp his agenda and leave a scorched earth of legal precedent that will haunt us for the next generation.  Face it folks – it is now Game.


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