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Hamas Executes Six Palestinians

Posted by Steve Markowitz on November 20, 2012

The current fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza is a tragedy for the civilians caught in the crossfire on both sides.  In Gaza civilians are purposely intermingled by Hamas with their rockets being fired into Israel and thus are caught on the receiving end of Israeli retaliation.  The civilians affected in Israeli are located in the cities and towns targeted by Hamas.

According to reports coming from the Middle East, there been approximately 112 fatalities in Gaza and 5 in Israel.  Given the hundreds of rockets Hamas has indiscriminately fired into Israel, this is a testament to their poor aim.  Conversely, hundreds of retaliatory strikes Israeli causing only 112 total fatalities in Gaza is a testament to their marksmanship and care taken to avoid civilian casualties.

Today, TheBlaze.com reported on Hamas brutality in Gaza that is shocking even for terrorists.  According to the report, the Hamas military wing has claimed responsibility for publicly executing six Palestinians for supposedly collaborating with Israel.  After the execution, a mob stomped and spit on five of the bodies with the sixth being dragged through the streets tied to a motorcycle.  It is impossible to know whether the six murdered Palestinians were actually collaborators, or merely political dissidents.  Clearly they received no due process from their supposed government.  It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what these terrorists would do to Israelis, given the opportunity.  The rather gruesome photographs below are included in CNN’s Anderson Cooper tweet and The Daily Mail.


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