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Noble Peace Prize Awarded to European Union

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 12, 2012

The New York Times reported that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is being awarded to the European Union.  Upon hearing the announcement, British European Parliament member Martin Callanan said: “The Nobel Committee is a little late for an April Fool’s joke.”  Unfortunately the Nobel Committee is dead serious.

The Nobel Peace Prize award to the European Union is rather incredible given the ongoing riots in some European countries including Greece and Spain over the economic calamity caused to a great extent by the creation of the Union’s single currency.  Incredibly, the Nobel committee acknowledged this with its Thorbjorn Jagland stating: “There is a great danger.  We see already now an increase of extremism and nationalistic attitudes.   There is a real danger that Europe will start disintegrating.  Therefore, we should focus again on the fundamental aims of the organization.”  When asked if the Euro would survive, he then said: “That I don’t know.  What I know is that if the euro fails, then the danger is that many other things will disintegrate as well, like the internal market and free borders.  Then you will get nationalistic policies again.  So it may set in motion a process which most Europeans would dislike.”

Jagland’s statement is an incredible admission that the European Union’s creation is in itself a real danger to peace.  In order to blunt this reasonable conclusion, Jagland blames the United States saying: “There are many things to say about the economic crisis — where it originated, for instance.  It started in the United States, and we had to deal with it.”  This claim is revisionism.  The United States did not create the unsustainable entitlement programs of Europe.  The United States did not force Europe to create a single currency without any concern for economic realities.

European Parliament member Martin Callanan correctly concludes: “The E.U.’s policies have exacerbated the fallout of the financial crisis and led to social unrest that we haven’t seen for a generation.  Presumably, this prize is for the peace and harmony on the streets of Athens and Madrid.

This year’s Noble Peace Prize award is as ludicrous as the one given in 2009 to Barack Obama before any of his policies were implemented.  Just another example of political correctness and Progressives gone wild.


One Response to “Noble Peace Prize Awarded to European Union”

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