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Obama’s Debate Performance Fallout Continues

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 7, 2012

Presidential debates are often remembered by significant one-liners thrown at the opponent by a debater.  In recent decades this included Ronald Reagan’s quip to Jimmy Carter “there you go again” and four years later to Mondale that he wouldn’t hold “youth and inexperience” against his opponent.  Such was not the case during the first Obama-Romney debate.  However, rarely has a debate been so lopsided, as reviewed in this Blog posting Obama’s Debate Performance Shows the Emperor Has no Clothes.

The fallout from Obama’s poor debate showing continues.  The latest cover of New Yorker Magazine is a stunning example.  It depicts Romney debating an empty podium, a take on Clint Eastwood speaking to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention.  Saturday Night Live mocked MSNBC’s post debate reporting satirizing the liberal network making excuses for Obama’s poor performance.  Climate expert Al Gore blamed for the debacle on the President being sickened by the Denver’s higher altitude.  Some University of Wisconsin students indicated it was unfair that the Debate Commission would not allow Obama to use the Teleprompter.

Many on the Left and in the mainstream media are in shock after President Obama’s poor debate performance.  They are in fact partially responsible for his poor showing.  For over four years there have been serving up to the President only softball questions that left him ill-prepared for a no holds barred debate.  However, the President himself bears the brunt of responsibility.  He has shown an inability to make tough decisions in a timely manner, for example taking months to decide on an Afghan war strategy.  He also has made excuses and blamed others for failed policies, a strategy that will not work in a debate.

Throughout the debate, President Obama performed like one not comfortable with facts and decision-making, very un-presidential behavior.  Many conservatives and Libertarians saw these weaknesses in the President long ago.  Only those on the Left blinded by the emperor’s clothes are in shock.


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