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Electric Cars Aren’t So Green

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 6, 2012

Since their introduction and especially with the very visible failure of the Chevy Volt, electric cars have failed in the marketplace.  With high prices, relatively short driving ranges and safety issues relating to their batteries, consumers are not buying these products in significant quantities even with substantial US government subsidies.

TheBlaze.com posted a story exposing yet another dark sides of electric cars.  While being promoted as green energy transportation, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology concluded that these vehicles are not environmentally friendly incredibly finding:

  • “Although EVs are an important technological breakthrough with substantial potential environmental benefits, these cannot be harnessed everywhere and in every condition.  Our results clearly indicate that it is counterproductive to promote EVs in areas where electricity is primarily produced from lignite, coal, or even heavy oil combustion.”  This conclusion indicates that electric vehicles are bad for the environment in most countries including the United States.  The exception are those few countries such as France that obtain a substantial percentage of their electricity from nuclear power.
  • In addition, the manufacturer of electric vehicles was found to be “more environmentally intensive” and “add significantly to the environmental impacts” as compared to vehicles that use standard engine technology.

It would be bad enough if the government’s backing of green energy projects such as electric vehicles were the result of incompetence.  However, the cause is more nefarious.  Large industries and wealthy people are becoming even wealthier by these government handouts.  The only way to stop this crony capitalism is to limit the total amount of funds the government can spend.  It is only federal government’s ability to print money back allows it to continue this corrupt practice.


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