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Obama’s Debate Performance Shows the Emperor Has no Clothes

Posted by Steve Markowitz on October 4, 2012

The first of three debates between Pres. Obama and challenger Mitch Romney has been completed.  There was a clear winner and it was Mitt Romney.

During the debate Romney was on the offensive and the President on the defensive.  Romney was well-versed on issues and seemed to enjoy being part of the debate.  Those on the Right are pleased with the debate and Romney’s performance.

Obama, on the other hand, seemed uncomfortable with answers, showed a loss for words at times, and seemed either disinterested or bothered by the whole affair.  Many on the Left are stunned by the President’s poor showing or at the very least are attempting to make excuses for it.  After the debate MSNBC’s Chris Matthews look distraught as if he had a stomach virus.

Leftist Tweets on the Obama’s poor showing are telling.

Bill Maher, a strong Obama supporter and large donor Tweeted:

“[M]y rating: Romney won the debate.”

“Obama made a lot of great points tonight.  Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” tweeted Bill Maher, “But Obama looks like he DOES need a Teleprompter”.

Michael, radical Leftist Tweeted:

“Is Bill Clinton coming in to sub for the next quarter?  O!  Wake up! A ttack!  This is not John McCain over on that podium!

“Obama please be Obama!  You sound like a Democrat (wimpy).”

“PBO – lemme get this straight.  You can send in drones that kill civilians, but you can’t stop Romney or Lehrer from interrupting you?”

“That is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach.”

“Get this: Obama spoke FOUR minutes longer than Romney did tonight!  Didn’t feel that way, did it?  That’s sorta says it all.”

There are some rather apparent reasons for the debate’s results.  Romney’s positive showing in part comes from experience.  As executive of a large and successful corporation, Romney was used making quick decisions under extreme pressure.  In addition, Romney had a long and hard primary battle for the Republican nomination.  This is prepared him well for the battle against Pres. Obama.

President Obama, on the other hand, has had a meteoric rise from being a community organizer, then a relatively unknown state senator, and a two-year stint in the U.S. Senate before taking on one of the most important jobs in the world.  He skipped many of the political battles and wounds that come from them.  In addition, Obama has been handled with kid gloves by the mainstream media, enabling the President to avoid answering difficult questions under pressure.  Last night’s debate was his baptism by fire for and Obama was not prepared for it.

The Washington Post last week published a poll that is interesting in retrospect.  It questioned potential voters as to their view of the outcome of the upcoming Obama-Romney debates.  By a wide margin, 56% to 29%, respondents indicated they expected Obama to win the debates.  Why did those polled get it so wrong?  The answer lies in a narrative created by the Left and perpetuated by the mainstream media that conservatives are lacking in intelligence.  In addition, the mainstream media has created the narrative that above all, Barack Obama is
cerebral.  Both false narratives took a drubbing during the debate and many who began to believe in them are now in a state of shock.

While the first Obama-Romney debate may play a significant role in the outcome of the upcoming election, it is too early to make that call.  However, the President’s performance was so poor as to bring into question his capabilities, specifically those to act quickly on his feet.


One Response to “Obama’s Debate Performance Shows the Emperor Has no Clothes”

  1. […] Presidential debates are often remembered by significant one-liners thrown at the opponent by a debater.  In recent decades this included Ronald Reagan’s quip to Jimmy Carter “there you go again” and four years later to Mondale that he wouldn’t hold “youth and inexperience” against his opponent.  Such was not the case during the first Obama-Romney debate.  However, rarely has a debate been so lopsided, as reviewed in this Blog posting Obama’s Debate Performance Shows the Emperor Has no Clothes. […]

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