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Obama Supporter Blasts President on His Middle East Policies

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 30, 2012

A 23-year-old Jewish-American, Irina, posted a YouTube video that has gone viral with over 650,000 hits in less than a week.  Posted below it was produced by this young American woman who voted for Obama in 2008.  In explaining her 2008 vote, Irina said: “after eight years of Bush, Barrack Obama inspired hope and I was proud to cast my vote for him.”

Irina has since changed her view of the President due to his failed Middle East policies.  In the video CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is quoted: “The favorability rating of the United States in much of the Arab world is lower now Under President Obama than it was under the Bush administration“.  This reality is remarkable!  While Bush took a tough line against radical Islamists and even invaded Iraq, Obama has used appeasement in an effort to befriend the Muslim world.  The fact that the United States is now viewed more negatively by them only reiterates the past failures of appeasement.

Irina, who indicates that she has many Liberal views, points to various Democrats who also expressed concern about Obama’s Middle East policies. This includes former New York Mayor Ed Koch, New York Representative Elliot Engel, New York Sen. Charles Shummer, New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, and Connecticut independent senator and former Democrat Joe Lieberman, all quoted in the video.  It also quotes liberal Democrat and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz “We should not worry about the United States-Israeli-American relationships, we should worry about the Obama Administration’s-Israeli relationship.”

The video’s author expresses concern about the President’s changing positions on the Middle East.  For example, after the Arab Spring in Egypt Obama said: “I think the Muslim Brotherhood is on one faction.  They do not have majority support in Egypt.”  How remarkably naïve given the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood now runs the country.  In addition, Obama told the Israeli–American PAC that: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided“.  When later questioned about this comment he had the audacity to say that “the issue of it being undivided, that word was poorly chosen”, and “I’m going to let the parties sort that out“.  With friends like this who needs enemies?

To a great extent Barack Obama has been the Teflon president.  Many portions of American society that is been hurt during his four years in office continue to support the President.  The reasons for this misplaced support will be left for another posting.  At least one young American in New York has the honesty and courage to admit that she was had.


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