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2,000th US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 30, 2012

The following posting was submitted by guest writer James Mahoney.  Jim’s logic is clear and requires no further comment.  Thank you Jim for commenting on this important issue.

This past week we hit the dubious milestone of having the 2,000th US Soldier killed in Afghanistan since the war began 11 years ago.  Fully 71% of these deaths have occurred during the Obama Administration.  Increasingly our soldiers are being killed by the troops of our so-called allies, the Afghans.  However, you probably haven’t heard about it if you only follow the network news.  The same media that almost gleefully reported the daily death tolls in Iraq has been strangely silent since January 2009.  No causality counters in the corner of the TV screen.  No analysis of how the mounting dissatisfaction over the war might hurt the President’s reelection changes.  No speeches by John Kerry or Harry Reid from the Senate floor telling us the war is lost.  No Ted Koppel reading the names of the dead in faux solemnity.  Not even a Cindy Sheehan peace encampment outside of the golf course.  So what has changed other than the occupant of the White House?  What is our mission in Afghanistan?  Either untie our troops’ hands and let them do their job or bring them home.  Is it too much to ask that the administration get at least as worked up about this as they did over an anti Muslim movie that nobody saw?


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