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Majority of Americans Believe Too Many Countrymen Dependent on Government Aid

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 29, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slipped with his comment relating to 47% of Americans being on the government dole and inferring they want to remain on it.  Romney was mistaken with the percentage.  While too many Americans fit this category, it is not near 47%.  In addition, irrespective as to whether those who want to be in the government dole would or would not vote for Romney, politicians do not write off potential voters no matter how remote.

Romney’s error is no more significant than errors made by other candidates including Barack Obama who claimed successful business people do not build their own businesses.  However, being a Republican, Romney will be unfairly skewered by the mainstream media.

Irrespective of Romney’s error, many Americans agree with his premise that too many of their countrymen are dependent on the government.  Last week’s Rasmussen Reports cited a telephone survey that found that 64% of those polled believed too many Americans are dependent on the government for financial aid, compared to a mere 10% who believe more aid is deserved, with another 16% saying the level of aid is just right.

The Rasmussen poll leads to a curious question.  If it accurately reflects the views of Americans it brings in the question the current polling for the upcoming election.  President Obama is more favorable to increasing financial aid to individuals.  His currently polling numbers seem in apposite of Rasmussen’s results.


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