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Liberal Blasts Democrats and Leftist MSNBC

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 10, 2012

The Nation is a well-known Progressive publication whose writers are often guests on the Leftists network, MSNBC.  While normally The Nation’s writers are in lockstep with MSNBC commentators, such was not the case this past Sunday during a discussion concerning the recently concluded Democratic National Convention and the coverage of foreign policy issues.

The Nation’s writer, Jeremy Scahill, took the television networks including MSNBC to the task for their coverage of the Convention.  His scathing comments included:

  • Of MSNBCs coverage of the Democratic National Convention, Scahill said: “But many of the media discussions, including here on MSNBC, about foreign policy during the convention felt like we were watching an Obama for America meet-up, not an actual serious critique of this president’s most egregious aspects of his foreign policy– where you do see that of the Republicans.”
  • Then, referring to the network’s coverage of the GOP, he said: “There’s all of this going after Romney, and I think that’s completely legitimate — but some of the core issues of this President’s national security policy are not being debated.  And I’m sorry, but watching John Kerry and Joseph Biden criticizing the war in Iraq?  They voted for the war in Iraq … There’s revisionism; there’s jingoism …
  • Finally, Scahill said: “I’m not thinking about this from a cynical political perspective.  I’m talking about life-and-death issues that cut to the heart of, are we going to follow the Constitution when it comes to due process for American citizens?

Scahill’s comments speak to the frustrations of the Left concerning the broken promises of Barack Obama on national defense and foreign policy.  Obama ran promising to change the way America conducted international affairs.  Related broken promises included failing to close the prison in Guantánamo Bay.  Also, while the President started his administration attacking the previous administration’s employees conduct of the war on terror for such actions as water-boarding, Obama has used assassination by drones that have resulted in the killing of innocent civilians, i.e. collateral damage to an extent never previously seen.

Leftists such as Scahill correctly conclude that there idealism was taken advantage of.  The only change to come to Washington since Obama’s election is who benefits at the expense of others.  While his predecessors may have favored industry more directly, Obama uses crony capitalism to pursue his pet projects and enrich his associates and supporters.

Should Barack Obama be elected for a second term, it will not be because of any idealistic notions that play a role in his first election victory.  Many who vote for him the second time around will do so only because they believe their special-interests will get a larger piece of the borrowed American pie with his election.



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