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Illegal Immigrants’ Offspring in Florida Granted Subsidized College Tuition

Posted by Steve Markowitz on September 9, 2012

In another sign of judicial activism, Federal Judge K. Michael Moore invoked the equal protection clause of the US Constitution ruling that the State of Florida could not charge out-of-state tuition to children of illegal aliens.  Finding that such children are US citizens, the Judge ruled that they must be charged the same rate as offspring of legal citizens who are residence of Florida.  Judge Moore’s ruling exemplifies why governments must exit the business of assisting some residents with benefits at the expense of others.

While the idea of subsidized college education has merit given potential benefits of society, the unintended consequences offset the potential benefits.  Because of the government’s intervention in the college education business, the cost of tuition has risen faster than almost any other service in the Country.  That is not by coincidence.  With the government’s subsidies the college education businesses had less of a need to become more efficient and control costs.  As their costs have skyrocketed, the increases have been passed on to students who accumulate more debt to pay the outrageous bills.  Judge Moore’s will be another addition to the cost increases other citizens will end up paying.


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