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Obama’s Middle East Hypocrisy

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 27, 2012

When justifying America’s and NATO’s intervention in the Libyan conflict, President Obama said it was done to stop a massacre that would have occurred without it.  This justification has proven hollow given Obama’s lack of intervention with the massacre that has been ongoing in Syria at the hands of its despot, Bashir al-Assad.

The New York Times today reported that in recent days hundreds have been killed in the city of Daraya.  In addition, the Syrian army has cut off the city so that civilians cannot escape.  In addition, it is reported that hundreds have been methodically executed by the Army.

With over 20,000 murdered in Syria, the United States, NATO, the greater our world, in the United Nations have blood on their hands.  It is difficult to justify the existence of the United Nations when it allows such carnage to continue unhindered.


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