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Congressman Akin Must be Purged from Republican Party

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 21, 2012

Congressman Todd Akin opened his soul to the public Sunday during an interview when he said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”  The view is ugly.  This was an incredibly dumb statement that is not backed by science or moral reasonableness.

The reaction from the Left was predictable, attempting to paint Republicans as the party of women abusers.  The truth is that both parties have their share of knuckleheads and Akin is one the Republicans must take responsibility for.

The GOP reacted quickly to the Akin affair since he is running against Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri for her Senatorial seat.  The National Republican Senatorial Committee has withdrawn all support for Akin.  Many Republicans including Mitt Romney and, Senators John Cornyn and Scott Brown have suggested that Akin withdraw from his Senate bid.  Akin has yet to withdraw showing the same lack of common sense that led to his rape and abortion comment.

Certainly part of the GOP’s harsh reaction to Akin relates to self-preservation.  The Republicans want to gain a majority in the Senate and the Missouri seat is a key part of that effort.  At the same time the Party is to be commended for its no nonsense and immediate response to this issue.

Beliefs of the far Right that that are similar to Akin’s should find no home in the Republican Party.  Modern fathers of the Party such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would have no part of those views.  To be success, the Party views should be comprised of those of the center-right makeup of the Country, with a strong focus towards the Constitution and a Libertarian bent.

The Democrat Party of Truman, Kennedy and yes Clinton is no more.  It has morphed into a far Left conglomerate controlled by radicals like Obama, Reed and Pelosi that allows racists and bigots.  The Republicans should use this Akin moment and a strict interpretation of the Constitution to purge itself of those on the fringes.


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