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Press Turning on Obama?

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 20, 2012

The Blaze.com posted a series of Newsweek magazine covers from this year that included photos of Barack Obama.  The change may indicate a negative trend for the President and part of the mainstream media.  The first two covers from earlier in the year show the President in a positive light.  The most recent one with the headline “Why We Need a New President” goes in the opposite direction.

Newsweek’s change of heart is not likely related to a change in political persuasion by this Leftist publication.  More likely, they see the distinct possibility that their man who has so far failed in the White House may be thumped the upcoming election.  Like the President who threw the good Reverend Wright under the bus when he became a political liability, Newsweek is out to protect its image and advertising revenues.


One Response to “Press Turning on Obama?”

  1. Dennis Ensminger said

    …some much for kneeling and kissing the ring! The media moguls are unwilling to sacrifice advertising revenue…could the next round of covers feature that blabber-mouth VP?

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