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Obama Pointing to Bottom of the Gutter

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 9, 2012

The Obama campaign is showing signs of panic.  Given that the President cannot promote achievements during the past four years is campaign has gone nearly 100% negative in attacks on challenger Mitt Romney.

This week’s negative ad is promoted by Leftist super PAC Priorities USA Act.  The advertisement infers that Mitt Romney is culpable for a woman’s death.  Here are the facts

  • Joe Soptic of Missouri who lost his job in 2001 when GST Steel of Kansas City closed.  Bain Capital was an investor in the plant.
  • Romney left Bain Capital in 1999, two years before the plant closed.
  • When Soptic lost his job, he also lost his health-care benefit.  However, at the time Soptic’s wife had health-care coverage through her employer.  Later on, after suffering an injury, Mrs. Soptic left her job and lost her insurance.
  • Mr. Soptic found another job six months after the steel plant closed, but declined to add his wife to his insurance plan because of cost.
  • Five years after losing his job at the steel company, Mrs. Soptic was diagnosed with cancer has since passed away.

In the super PACs attack on Romney, Soptic claims that after the steel plant closed his family lost their healthcare insurance and “a short time after that, my wife became ill.”  The fact that this actually occurred five years after the plant closed didn’t stop the ludicrous connection to Romney for the problem when Soptic then says “I don’t think Mitt Romney understands what he’s done to people’s lives by closing the plant“.

The Soptic story is a tragic one.  Cancer is a scourge that most families must unfortunately deal with at some level.  However, to infer that Romney is in any way responsible for this tragedy brings incivility to a new low in Washington politics.

While even some Democrats are recoiling from the Soptic advertisement, the White House remains silent except to claim that they do not control the super PAC.  This is not credible given that the PAC is run by ex-White House official Bill Burton and the fact that the Democrats used Soptic in an earlier advertisement.

The Soptic advertisement is but another step that the Obama reelection campaign is taking towards the bottom of the gutter.  So much for civility.  So much for the change in Washington that Barack Obama promised while running for the presidency.


One Response to “Obama Pointing to Bottom of the Gutter”

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