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Obamacare to Lead to Raise Pizza Prices and More

Posted by Steve Markowitz on August 8, 2012

The Huffington Post posted an article discussing one of the nasty side effects of Obamacare; increased prices for goods and services.  The Post article focused on the fast food industry.

Papa John’s Pizza CEO John Schnatter has indicated that Obamacare will increase the cost per pizza of between 11 and 14 cents.  The reason is simple economics.  Obamacare will force health care coverage or government fines for its 16,500 employees.  Obvious to anyone but the knuckleheads in Washington, the increased cost will be passed on to consumers.  Given this inevitable reality, The Huffington Post joked that Papa John’s Pizza may have to change its slogan from “Better ingredients. Better Pizza,” to, “Better health care.  Pricier pizza.”

Under Obamacare, companies with more than 50 employees must provide affordable health insurance or pay government fines.  BusinessWeek reported that in the case of McDonald’s, this will cost each of its 14,000 franchises an average of $20,000 annually.  For McDonald’s alone that comes to a staggering $280 million that will be passed on to consumers. The alternative, McDonald’s will have to cut costs, which will mean less people employed.

President Obama is fond of playing class warfare.  On an almost daily basis he calls for increasing taxes on the wealthy for the benefit of those with less.  However, his policies include many hidden taxes that affect the less wealthy.  In addition, his Progressive policies mandate programs, benefits and entitlements that substantially increase costs to those who can least afford them.  While the increasing costs of fast food may not be problematic for society, in total the cost increases caused by government interference in the economy will be catastrophic and damage those the Leftists claim to want to assist.

While we do not know what courses Barack Obama took while in college since his transcripts remain sealed, we know one he did not take: Economics 101.


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