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Colorado Tragedy Used by left to Promote Gun Control

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 27, 2012

A hallmark of politicians on both sides of the aisle is the use of tragedies for political gain.  The Right used the 9/11 terrorist attacks to push through laws that impinged on individual rights, but did little to protect the Country from future attacks.  However, when it comes to using tragedies for political gain, the Right is a piker compared to the Progressive Left.

Last week a deranged person in Aurora, Colorado went on a killing rampage in a movie theater resulting in 12deaths and dozens injured.  The dead and injured were not yet fully counted when Progressives, including New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, went on a public campaign to demand more stringent gun controls.  Evidence of the Left’s political motivation is their silence on other issues relating to the tragedy including the violent nature of modern movies and video games.  The purveyors of this violent material are given passes as they are major contributors to Leftist’s causes.

Another red herring in the call for more stringent gun controls is the likelihood that such efforts will fail to prevent those who want guns from obtaining them.  Laws have a history of followed by honorable people, not lawless ones.  It was illegal to bring a weapon into the Colorado theater, but this did not stop the attack with guns.  Is illegal to use cocaine, but that did not stop the current President of the United States from partaking in this activity.

Chuck Baldwin published an article on NewsWithViews.com that shows a relationship between gun control and some of the most extreme violence society has encountered during the past hundred years posted below.  He also proffers an interesting question: How many lives could have been saved in the Colorado theater had one or more patrons been armed?

Since 1900 seven major genocides have occurred resulting in the murder of 50-60 million people.  It is reported that in all seven instances, gun control laws were in force before the genocide occurred.


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