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US Justice Department is Disingenuous on Voter ID Issue

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 21, 2012

United States Department of Justice is attacking various states on the issue of voter ID.  One of the states, Texas, has been taken to court in Washington DC.  Pjmedia.com reported that a DOJ witness, 18-year-old Victoria Rose Rodriguez, testified that her parents were too busy to take her to get the new voter ID cards that Texas requires.

Let’s see, her parents were too busy to take her a few miles to obtain a voter ID card, but not too busy to get Rodriguez from Texas to Washington and back.  These folks must think that the American people have stupid written across their forehead!

The Left’s clamoring concerning the voter ID issue is a red herring.  Photo IDs are required to get on airplanes, to cash checks and yes to get into the Democrat convention.  This is not about ensuring the rights of minorities.  This is about voter fraud.  Obama and his team learned well in Chicago were the adage is “vote early and vote often”.


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