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Pelosi’s Backtrack on Romney Tax Returns Shows Duplicity

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 20, 2012

The Obama campaign organization is in full attack mode of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  That is of little surprise for a politician from Chicago and Obama’s failed policies.

There are two main issues currently involved in the attack; outsourcing and Romney’s tax returns.  Outsourcing is focused on whether Romney was involved in Bain Capital at the time they may have outsourced American jobs to other countries.  This is a red herring on various levels.  First, Romney clearly was not involved with running or managing Bain Capital during the time in question.  He was working full-time on the Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Further, the Obama Administration has the gall to raise an issue that they themselves have been heavily involved with.  Not only has the President outsourced to foreign countries massive projects under the Stimulus spending program, but he appointed Jeffrey Immelt of General Electric to head his Jobs team.  General Electric has outsourced tens of thousands of jobs, some during the time period that Immelt has been part of the Obama team.

As for the tax return issue, Romney released his returns for the last couple of years with the Obama campaign team pushing for 10 more years of returns.  Pressing Romney for transparency is incredible.  Obama has refused to release seemingly benign documents such as his college transcripts.  He also refuses to release any information on how his education was paid for or how he afforded his various world travels as a young man.

This week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi added an explanation point to the Democrat’s disingenuous position on Romney’s tax returns.  As the Roll Call reported, earlier this week Pelosi was on the bandwagon calling for Romney to release the returns.  She is now taking another view stating: “We spent too much time on that.  We should be talking about middle-income tax cuts.”

No, Ms. Pelosi has not become a Romney supporter.  Instead this is a showing of preservation.  A report released by McClatchy News now indicates that only 17 of 535 members of Congress released their tax returns when asked.  If, as the Democrats suggest, Romney has something to hide by not releasing his tax returns, then to do most of the members of Congress.  That is a direction that Pelosi does not want to travel.


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