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Comparing Atomic Bomb and Progressive Destruction

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 11, 2012

A reader sent in a piece today that has floated around the Internet for some time, but remains provocative.

Most would agree that one of the most horrific destructive tools invented by man is the atomic bomb.  Its destructive power is so great that even though available for over 65 years, it was only used in anger twice when used on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Pictured below is a photograph of Hiroshima shortly after its destruction by an atomic bomb and photographs of that city today.  This is a remarkable turnaround brought about by the determination and work ethic of the Japanese people.

It is interesting to contrast Hiroshima’s advancement since 1945 with the decline of America’s Detroit.  As pictured below, at the end of World War II Detroit was a model of American success.  Today, Detroit is in ruin.  While Detroit looks as if it was bombed by an external enemy, its decay instead came from within.  Progressive governmental policies that ruined businesses and made its citizens’ dependent caused the failure.

While the world and Progressive intellects rightfully and constantly discuss the dangers of weapons of mass destruction, there is no such discussion as to who ruined cities like Detroit.  Political correctness and political elites fear the truth.

This posting ends with either: 1) With friends like this who needs enemies, or 2) what is more dangerous than an atomic bomb …….

Detroit 1

Hiroshima 1








One Response to “Comparing Atomic Bomb and Progressive Destruction”

  1. […] devoid of serious logic, or combination of both.  A year ago this Blog posted the article Comparing Atomic Bomb and Progressive Destruction with photos of the destroyed city.  Yes, Detroit’s loss of population is the reason behind its […]

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