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Congressman Allen West Puts a Spanking on Liberal Racists

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 10, 2012

Congressman Allen West of Florida is not afraid to speak his mind.  He recently caused a stir when he accused President Obama and his Leftists allies of “economic slavery” referring to the government creating economic dependencies.  Says West:

“I think that the purpose of this Administration under the leadership of Pres. Obama is to have more people wedded to government by subsistence checks or even government employment checks instead of truly growing this country so that it can live up to the true mandates of Jefferson which are individual liberty, individual sovereignty and our rights and freedoms.”

For speaking his mind the Left and its allies in the mainstream media are on full attack of Col. West.  The LA Times recently said that “America’s dirtiest job is justifying Allen West“, referring to the job of the Republican National Committee Chairman.  In response, West retorts with an attack on white liberals who he rightfully claims to be true racists for not wanting people of color to break from governmental dependency.

While Congressman Allen West is a relative newcomer to Washington, he likely will be a thorn in liberals’ sides for years to come.  Now that’s a pleasant thought!


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