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Poll Indicates Significant Dissatisfaction with Obama

Posted by Steve Markowitz on July 9, 2012

A poll conducted by The Hill in the first week of July shows significant dissatisfaction amongst the electorate with President Obama.  The results include:

  • 56% believe Obama’s first term transformed the Country negatively, compared to 35% who see it as improved.
  • Not surprisingly, 91% of Republicans view the President negatively compared to 71% of Democrats who support his policies.  These figures indicate an enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans.
  • 50% of those polled indicated a belief that Romney would bring “significant” changes to the Country if elected.  This seems to indicate a desire to reverse Obama’s policies.
  • 89% of respondents indicated a belief that the upcoming presidential election will have important implications to Country going forward.  In addition, 47% indicated they are paying more attention to this election than the one that occurred in 2008 including 56% of the Republicans polled and 44% of Democrats.  These findings again seem to indicate an enthusiasm gap for Republicans.
  • Of the centrists polled, only 40% believe the Country has improved since Obama’s election.

While the poll does not suggest strong support for Romney, it indicates significant dissatisfaction with Obama.  This brings into question either the validity of The Hill’s polling or the mainstream media’s reporting on the Country’s concern relating to the President.  Given the mainstream media’s bias, the latter is likely the case.

There is a troubling finding in The Hill’s poll.  Only 29% of whites indicated Obama has changed the Country positively compared to 92% of blacks.  These figures indicate that the President has failed to improve the racial divide that is an unfortunate part of American society.


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