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$9 Billion of ‘Stimulus’ Funds Blown on Green Energy Projects

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 26, 2012

CNSNews.com reported on one boondoggle that came from President Obama’s Stimulus spending program.  According to the article that analyzed statistics from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $9 billion of the Stimulus funds were spent on solar and wind projects from 2009 through 2011.

The Stimulus spending program was falsely promoted to the American people as a jobs bill meant to offset the negative effects on the economy of the recession.  In fact, as the green energy spending demonstrates, it was really used as a program to give the President and Democratic Congress the authority to spend money on pet projects.  As a jobs bill the Stimulus program was a failure.

According to the CNSNews.com report, the $9 billion of Stimulus spending on green energy projects created only 910 direct jobs.  In addition, the spending created 4,600 indirect and temporary jobs for building infrastructure and similar items.  Dividing the $9 billion by the 5,510total jobs created results in a cost per job of just over $1.6 million.  Not impressive especially since green energy is not economically viable.

President Obama’s response to the above?  Incredibly he proposes even more spending on similar boondoggles.  Yikes.


One Response to “$9 Billion of ‘Stimulus’ Funds Blown on Green Energy Projects”

  1. Carl Hackert said

    Below is a recent followup article on the Obama Green Jobs stimulus fantasy… $100 billion down the drain. Build the Keystone pipeline!!!

    Revealing: Obama Administration Spends $500 Million on Green Energy Jobs that Don’t Exist
    Kate Andrews | Aug 06, 2013

    A recent Government Accountability Office report revealed that the Obama Administration spent $501 million of taxpayer money on ‘green energy training programs’ for jobs that do not exist in the green energy sector.
    The half-a-billion dollar training program, funded by the 2009 Stimulus Bill, resulted in 55% employment; this equates to only 11,000 jobs, many of which are part-time.
    Fox News spoke to Stephen Moore, senior economic writer for The Wall Street Journal, who further exposed (Preview) the failure of the 2009 Stimulus plan to jumpstart green-energy business:

    “There have been so few successes; it’s actually hard to find any successes. You know, we have spent, not just through this job training, but all of the subsidies we have given to green energy over the past five years…we have spent over $100 billion supporting this industry…and only 2% of our electricity comes from wind and solar power.”

    The GMO audit revealed that the Administration did not have “reliable green job market information” before funding the program, which resulted in the heavy overfunding of training programs for jobs that did not exist. The Administration’s gross overestimation of ‘green business success’ has left thousands of highly-trained workers jobless.

    ““You could send someone to Harvard for less cost,” Moore noted.

    This failed initiative is not just another reminder that the federal government has no business picking winners and losers in the private sector (their winners always seem to lose); the distribution of the job-training funds has revealed blatant favoritism towards the public employee unions and special interest groups that endorsed Barack Obama for President.
    The Bureau of Labor statistics defined a ‘green job’ as one that could be linked directly, or indirectly, to a beneficial outcome for green energy. According to Moore, this loose definition enabled stimulus money to be spent on training programs for janitors and bus drivers (both unionized positions) as well as environmental lobbyists who promoted ‘green energy causes.’
    Further investigation has revealed that the stimulus money allocated for green energy training went to organizations that openly endorsed Barack Obama in 2008. The Utility Workers Union of America enthusiasticallyendorsed Obama in 2008 and received $4,993,922 to spend on ‘green training programs.’ The Blue-Green Alliance—an organization that unites unions and environmental organizations—received $5,000,000 from the stimulus grants to spend on training “dislocated workers, women, and minorities”; the organization’s most prominent affiliate, Sierra Club, also endorsed Obama in 2008.
    This $500,000,000 loss on a failed, government program is yet another example that the Obama-agenda is linked much more closely to the unions and special interest groups than it is to the American taxpayer.

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