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Maraniss Book Cast Doubt on Veracity of Barack Obama Writings

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 25, 2012

The British publication dailymail.co.uk published a review a book on Barack Obama authored by David Maraniss, Barack Obama: The Story. The book includes bombshells that if correct bring into question the honesty of the President of United States

David Maraniss is an associate editor for The Washington Post, which he joined in 1977.  In 1993 he received a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting on his stories about Bill Clinton and his run for the White House.  In 2008, The Washington Post gave Maraniss the task of covering candidate Barack Obama.

According to the dailymail.co.uk, Maraniss claims that Barack Obama fabricated important parts in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.  While this book is supposedly a narrative of Obama’s life, Maraniss points out significant fabricated items stating that the book is “literature and memoir, not history and autobiography” and that the “character creations and rearrangements of the book are not merely a matter of style, devices of compression, but are also substantive.”

Maraniss offers examples of major inaccuracies in the book.  For example, Obama claims that his maternal grandfather Onyango Obama was detained for months and tortured by the British in Kenya in 1949 because of his association with the anti-colonial group Mau Mau.  The President quotes his step-grandmother Sarah, Onyango as saying: “One day, the white man’s askaris came to take Onyango away, and he was placed in a detention campBut he had been in the camp for over six months, and when he returned to Alego he was very thin and dirty.  He had difficulty walking, and his head was full of lice.  He was so ashamed, he refused to enter his house or tell us what happened.”  Maraniss, however, could not locate any record of Onyango Obama’s detention.  He also interviewed five associates of the senior Obama who are quoted in the book that led Maraniss to conclude that they “doubted the story or were certain it did not happen“.

Maraniss also claimed that Obama created characters of the book to fit desired narratives.  For example, he created a friend name Regina claiming she was an example of the authentic black experience in America.  Maraniss discovered that this character was actually a white student leader at Occidental College named Carolyn Boss.  Another example was Obama’s claim that his Indonesian stepfather Soewarno Martodihardjo was killed by Dutch soldiers in a battle for Indonesian independence.  Maraniss reports that this was untrue and was “a concocted myth in almost all respects“.

Should Maraniss’s claims be accurate, it is further indication that Barack Obama is a caricature created not only by his own creative writing, but by a politically correct society that refused to do vet a man running for the most important job in the United States.


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