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Obama Spars With Reporter on Immigration

Posted by Steve Markowitz on June 16, 2012

Yesterday President Obama invited reporters to White House to announce major immigration reforms.  The key point to the reforms is that certain illegal aliens in the United States who were brought in as minors will not be deported if caught by the authorities.  This policy could affect some illegal aliens up to the age of 30 years old.

The President chose to bypass Congress in implementing this executive order on immigration even though he previously indicated on video that he did not have such authority.  It once again shows Obama’s willingness to use dictatorial type processes to implement changes to laws that are appropriately under the jurisdiction of Congress.

In the video below, the President uses hyperbole in justifying his order.  Nowhere in his speech does the President mentioned the rule of law.  To Progressives, this rule of law is primarily to be used to further their political agenda, a dangerous and slippery slope for democracy.

During the President Obama’s speech, he was interrupted by The Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro who attempted to ask a question.  While inappropriately timed, there is frustration on behalf of some reporters on this President’s unwillingness to respond to real questions.  His unwillingness to answer questions is borne out at the end of the video when the President immediately the parts when the speech is finished even though reporters were attempting to ask questions.

Typical of the Left, the President scolds Munro for lack of decorum, but refuses to answer any questions relating to his executive order.  The Left is jumping all over the matter of etiquette while totally ignoring Obama’s lack of concern for the rule of law or use of executive powers.  This is unfortunately what passes for journalism today in the mainstream media.  It also begs the question as to why the reporters were invited in the first place if no questions word to be asked?


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